A messaging app for happier conversations.

Conflict-free, misunderstanding-free,
stress-free: a brand new way to chat with the people you care about.

We're building your own AI mediator to prevent arguments, resolve issues, and be honest without worry.

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Better outcomes: Ixy can make
your mobile chats happier.

Enjoy the support of a personal AI
mediator who helps you to

  • Get feedback on how you come
    across to others

  • Have control over how people
    can speak to you

  • Avoid getting into fights
    by accident

  • Clear misunderstandings that
    would cause problems

  • Safely re-friend people that
    matter to you

  • Chat honestly
    without worry

When joining the Ixy app, you get a personal
AI mediator who can assist you in your conversations.

Your Ixy watches out for things like

  • Your conversations' speed and mood
  • If you get to talk the same amount as your chatmate
  • If there's something your chatmate is misunderstanding

In the app, you can tailor your experience to

  • Slow down the chat
  • Add words you would like to avoid using
  • Ask for a clarification
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The Ixies:

We’re based in London and combine expertise in psychology, linguistics, machine learning, and design to build state of the art, continuously improving Artificial Intelligence.

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